is one of the best free email offering services we have used so far. We started off by using Yahoo back in 2002. Then switched to Hotmail and finally by the end of 2008, we switched to Gmail account. Having experience the top email account provides, it is not hard to say that is the best in this regard. Everything about it looks great, feels great and works great.  There are tons of features that make it much more efficient that others. Following we will be discussing some of the great features of the Gmail account and after that, we will show you how to use Gmail Signup feature and then do a Gmail login to your account.

Gmail Login – – Gmail Sign In

Gmail Login – – Gmail Sign In

Gmail Account Features

Starting off with the most common one, the security feature. Gmail is the first one that introduced two way verification process to login to an account. You can set a verification code to be sent to your mobile that you enter online to access your account. also has an app on Google play Store that helps you log in to Gmail after you signup with Gmail if you do not have an account already.

The second feature that we liked the most is the amount of free space we get to have in the Gmail account. Not only it provides you with up to 7GB of free space, but it is consistently increasing after every second.

Another great thing is the simplicity and ease of use of the Gmail. It does not have a fancy theme or decorated buttons, its just plain and simple and yet it does everything like a charm. This feature is best for people who only need an email account to exchange emails.

How to Signup with Sign up process is very simple. That is why we decided to give you a full tutorial if you are totally novice in this.

Go to and look on the top right side of the page. You will see Signup button. Click on it and it will take you to the Signup with Gmail page.

Fill in the necessary details needed to create the account. We would recommend you to enter original and genuine information. You will have to choose a Gmail username. You might get stuck in here since the username you might look for might be already taken by someone else. Just keep trying until you get a good username. The ideal username for the Gmail login is to have firstname.lastname with a period in between.

After you click Next, it will send you a verification code at your mobile phone to complete the Gmail signup process. Just enter that code and you are done.

Now log in to Gmail using the same URL mentioned in the first step. Enter your Gmail username and password.

What to do after Log In to Gmail

After you successfully log in to Gmail, you will see there are few welcome emails from the Gmail. Delete these emails.

After that, you are now ready to set up your Google+ profile using the Gmail login credentials. When you signup with Gmail, Google automatically creates a dummy profile under your Gmail account. So when you go to your Google+ profile, you will see that it already has a decent username for your profile and a cover photo already set for you.

So, in this simple and easy tutorial, we showed you how to easily sign up with Gmail, choose a good username and then successfully login to Gmail.