How to Save a Wet Phone

Dropped your phone in the water? Don’t panic! You can save it. You never know when a glass of water can just slip out of hands and drop on your smartphone. Even if your phone is waterproof, your warranty goes void if it is

5 Best Installous Alternatives

Since Installous is no more, people are looking for the best Installous Alternatives in order to avail the same free goodies that Installous provided. When you jailbreak your Apple device, be it an iPhone or an iPad, the basic reason in doing so is

Best Web Hosting Companies

In today’s world where internet is everything and at every home, there are a lot of hosting companies that have emerged on the scene in the past half-decade. The only difference separating these companies is the level of services they provide to their end

Monstro 10 mobile phone jammer review

Monstro 10 mobile phone jammer review While traditionally people protect themselves from actual physical break-ins by burglars, technological advancements mean that people can steal from remote locations without the need to actually break in or enter. Stories of people using public telephone networks to